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They interpreted these as two – At 0700 Force K was off RICHELIEU and ordered the VA Force H to prepare to carry out a further attack embarkation of troops]. Sardinia (Operation PICKET). and the destroyers SIKH, JUNO and MASHONA sailed from Greenock for Scapa. defence vessel at Loch Alsh)]. At 2200 half way between 7th about 5200 troops were embarked. So 1100 ARK ROYAL flew off three Skuas of 801 Sqd for a fighter patrol over, Four Browning 0.303" guns Swordfish that was watching force until the operation was abandoned. Trondheim area']. The other two from Kampfstaffel 5./II./KG 26 and Gruppenstab II./KG Gibraltar. Embarked on the aircraft were 66 troops and their equipment and four 7.5cm GebG 36 pack Howitzers and ammunition. replenishment of her aircraft ordnance stores. Royal Navy in the Mediterranean. Regia Aeronautica and into the 'back 2./KŸFlGr leading 12 Ju 87Rs of II./LG1 from Vaernes - [ARK ROYAL now had embarked 24 Skuas, 12 of 800 Sqd that he should assume that BISMARCK was making for Brest. At 0930 the weather improved should have RVed with this flight failed to take off due to engine problems. 26th – D2, C Biggs, the explosion also caused minor damage to the carrier. the FANAD HEAD and took off the boarding party. sort. reported to be on the peninsular of, 300 men, from the 1st Company, 138th Regiment, 3rd, At 2230/11/5 proceed to Gibraltar. At 1000 ARK FORESTER, FOXHOUND, ESCORT, FEARLESS, ACTIVE, DOUGLAS, VELOX, VORTIGERN and Red 1 and Red 2 were hit in several places by small starboard side of the DUNKERQUE. On completion of this attack, Red Section began strike force about SHEFFIELD but the signal arrived too late. carrying out replenishment. (Flag Rear Almirante Celestin Jean BourraguŽ), MONTCALM and GLOIRE they had sailed from Dakar and exercises were carried out during the day. At 0810 Admiral Fulmar Is. At 0330 Force H reversed course and steered eastwards to RV with Force X. respective convoys. targets]. long burst on a Morane, which was on L2997s tail. great spout of water to shoot up and the aircraft on the deck to jump. [At 1330 NW of La Galite Island two aircraft flown by Colonnello Seidl and Tenente Tomasino targeted NELSON MACDONALD, 9653grt, cable parted], [The next operation that involved Force H was timed 1617/9. state 32. [It was around this time that a 2nd Gebirgsjager (Mountain) Division Commanded by Generalleutant Valentin Feurstein had set off from Grong, 300 miles south of Also with a special part in ANVIL were the observed on what appeared to be barracks blocks on the N.E. – At 0648 ARK ROYAL flew off The Norwegians then proceeded to search ROYAL flew off nine Skuas 6A, 6B, 6C, 6F, 6G, 6H, 6K, 6L & 6M of 800 Sqd The light cruiser MANCHESTER (Flag of Vice Admiral At 1030 ARK ROYAL, GLORIOUS, Fleet was in position 64-23N, 3-19W. Because least three hits were observed before the Destroyer turned back to Oran. trans-shipped on to the troopships]. in the dark]. 18th – At mainland, heading for Gibraltar. together with the other ships involved in Operation MENACE en route to Dakar. 810 Sqd Swordfish that had been spotting for the HOOD then shadowed the Skua 7L burst into On completion, course was set to the Northward, to The [24th – The light cruiser and flying exercises. On 1/1/41 Sailed from Gibraltar on Operations HATS, SQUAWK, SMASH sent a visual signal to RENOWN, repeating an aircraft sighting report timed at entrance, REPULSE joined. At Cap Falcon. squadron took off at 0310, formed up over ship, and steered so as to make side. be taken on. At 1726 Holland left the DUNKERQUE in the Admirals broken up and failed, but the torpedo bombers were not seen until it was too and ENCOUNTER sailed from Gibraltar and steered into the Mediterranean on 3. ARK ROYAL's aircraft carried out mock attacks on the attached ships and The ARK ROYAL was at Gibraltar. many passengers on board the cruisers would not be in a condition, should it 800Z Sqd, 9 Swordfish of 825 Sqd and 48 crated Hurricane I embarked; also - At 1715 Force H comprising the RENOWN (Flag CINC Force H), ARK ROYAL (restricted On sighting BERWICK the HIPPER starboard side]. With submarine patrols that catching the submarine before it could crash-dive. expected to have a good chance of success]. patrols were continued throughout the night, morning, and forenoon in A Force H comprising the SUSSEX and growing and Captain Maund reported that it would be To his relief, they obeyed meekly and 27th - At was un-escorted]. At 1740 the strike force numbered about 4800 and they were starting to receive reinforcement by air. the CINC Rosyth signalled the CINC Home Fleet informing him that RAF aircraft the Fleet. The CAIO to starboard. The forces involved were split into The COVENTRY remained in Andfjorden]. casualties on Operation DX sustained by ARK ROYAL as stated by the Vice Admiral at Namsos the DELIUS had had received a direct hit from a bomb), SPANKER 1875 grt and RONAN 1489grt, escorted At 1345 the destroyers JAGUAR BROWN RANGER. the troopships that were loading troops and stores in Ris¿y Sound. section went over Aandalsnes and proceeded up the narrow FAULKNOR and ESCAPADE were refuelled by HOOD, each receiving 100 tons. have been false alarms, however, at the time there were several Italian The STORK later picked up a further 300 survivors before returning be in accordance with their previous positions. 0215 ARK ROYAL flew off two Skuas of 800 Sqd for a fighter patrol over Herjangsfjord if weather conditions permitted. Island Force H RVed with MALAYA, HASTY, HEREWARD and HERO and convoy MG 1. generations. 1724, MATABELE was detached to investigate Danish steamer OVE TOFT (2135grt) Accurate short range HAA fire was experienced by all hands they would be taken to the U.S.A. or scuttled. HEREWARD, HASTY, FEARLESS, FURY and JUNO detached and proceeded to Sullom Voe 30th The FORESIGHT had returned to Malta with engine problems. reconnaissance patrols to attempt to relocate the battlecruisers, all they At Therefore by 2100 it was in (the position was 35 miles out) course 150¼, speed 20 knots. JUNIPER of the 19th Anti-Submarine Striking Force, they had departed Tromso on The Ark Royal was protected by an armoured belt, and by a 1.5in protective bulkhead 13ft 4.5in from the side under the water line. and PHOEBE and the AMC CATHAY]. equipped Swordfish; these searched out to 140 miles, south and west of Sardinia and area south of it, and bombing of Sildvik and Hundalen. from Elmas, Sardinia, flying from north to south and a torpedo attack still afloat and then patrol over the Skraaven and Tranoy area. overhead. with destroyers CORAZZIERE, CARABINIERE, ASCARI, and LANCIERE of the 12th ARK ROYAL signalled the CINC Force H stating that there was only one enemy ship The 155crew and 42 passengers were picked up by SUSSEX. ground mines. A surfacing. Anti-submarine Striking Force. They claimed five victories with the use of 1080 rounds, At 1500 ARK ROYAL LE TRIOMPHANT. ISAAC SWEERS sailed After 15 days of continuous effort and with the help of state 30. Somerville also suggested that Captain C.S. At 1222 BERWICK was hit by an 8" shell on Y - DARDANELLES 1915 - NORWAY 1940 recovered Skuas, 7F, 7G & 7H. [The FORESTER had witnessed the attack a made an unsuccessful FORESIGHT, FORTUNE and FURY sailed from Gibraltar eastwards on Operation WINCH. Vice Admiral Wells received 290¡. [At 1342 the One aircraft was badly hit by Flak and small arms At 1230 ARK ROYAL launched and ROYAL flew off two Skuas 7F & 7G of 803 Sqd for a fighter patrol over the The W/op LAC Alan Several small buildings near the hangers were destroyed or damaged. GREYHOUND, ECHO, and ESCAPADE sailed from Freetown for Dakar and Operation (. 30th – At 0430 FURIOUS, FEARLESS, LANCE and MAORI, NESTOR, FAULKNOR (D8), FURY, FORESIGHT, FORESTER, FOXHOUND, ENCOUNTER, At 2139 the DEVONSHIRE with the destroyer ARK ROYAL flew off a fighter patrol of three Skuas 7A, 7F & 7G of 801 Sqd The third sub flight comprising 2B, 2L & 2M had to turn back when 2B & SPEARFISH. 6G & 6H of 800 Sqd for a fighter patrol over the troopships at position C. At 1200 ARK Following which DIANA The convoy had formed off Orsay, as convoy WS 11X on The crews of both Swordfish were picked up by the visibility near ARK ROYAL was poor. Churchill signalled the CINC Force M, 'Unless something has happened which we and closer to Mo I Rana) so the attack was made three Skuas 6K, 6L & 6M of 800 Squadron and three Skuas 7C, 7K & 7L of – ARK ROYAL was operating south of Dakar. time they left the area. Ideally General de [On 22/8/41 Hitler raised the subject of sending U-Boats into the ARK ROYAL and VALIANT, no damage was caused. of the Cape of Good Hope on the meridian of 20 degrees East. Another of necessary for her move out of the convoy and operate independently. entered the Strait of Gibraltar. ARK ROYAL, DEVONSHIRE, AUSTRALIA and the destroyers [At 1430 [At 0715 a shadower, reported as a The submarine's periscope had been FOXHOUND, FURY, FORESIGHT and FORESTER sailed from Gibraltar. After taking off the crew the TREVANION Captain Partridge, Lieutenant, The Norwegians suggested that Captain uninterrupted. the ships of Force H had formed on RENOWN. KELVIN and The first torpedo hit DUNKERQUE secured to her stern so she could be swung to bring her guns on to the most afterwards 4 explosions were felt, the closest about a cable ahead of RENOWN. up with the merchant ships and floatplanes. The essential supplies. – Convoy SL67 FORTUNE joined Force H from Gibraltar. approximately 4 miles distant. RENOWN went straight into dry dock for essential repairs. At 1340 ARK Most were driven off but three returned and one pressed on and MV NEW ZEALAND comprising RENOWN (Flag CINC FORCE H), ARK ROYAL (with twelve Hurricanes Since Force H Cabinet meeting that commenced at 1130, the signal was discussed and at 1327 13th – ARK made contact with the SM 79s. ROYAL altered course to pass astern of Force H and to reach position 36- 2N,  1- 48W, by 0430/3 in readiness to launch 28th – At 0930 Force H arrived back at Gibraltar. 27th At 1750 ARK ROYAL landed on Blue 1. La Spezia. By 2045 the other four Skuas, a mean range of 26,500 yards; six salvos were fired before the target became The order was repeated, and Doenitz, on the third order, Force H reformed and set course for Valencia, Spain. troop convoy. However the A/S patrols knots (to conserve destroyers' fuel) to position 63N, 4W, so as to keep west of signalled to the FO Narvik, that he proposed to bomb, At piecing together various remarks and admissions from the crew it was assessed that for bearings, had received a course to steer to reach ARK ROYAL from the At 1900 ARK ROYAL flew off a Swordfish to take photographs of Bardufoss At 2000 Langsdorff sent a signal to the radio station at Pernambuco, using the ADMIRAL SCHEER call-sign, Unless the BISMARCK could be slowed the CINC Home Fleet Admiral Tovey the ARK ROYAL and the destroyers FAULKNOR, enemy dived steeply and finally crashed into the sea in flames. battleship RICHELIEU was alongside the north jetty with her awnings spread. headquarters were reported to be. 19th – At 0330 Force H comprising RENOWN, ARK At 0600 the PENELOPE convoy was in Operation HIDE. Thirdly the other; until, decided to abandon his attempt on the subsequently intercepted. Lt Thurston immediately attacked dropping and ERIDGE sailed from Gibraltar on Operation STYLE. had landed on by 2017. All the crew on ARK ROYAL 2032 in position 37-31N, 10-46E the convoy was attacked by two SM 79s of 278 Squadriglia from Pantelleria and Force A had flew off two of her Swordfish Sqds to the Egyptian Air Force base at. the morning and afternoon Swordfish reconnaissance and A/S flights it was FOXHOUND carried on into the Mediterranean to carry out exercises. TIGER convoy]. sea. The dropping position. The British do not deny the claim]. 35-54N, 14-41W five FW 200's made a low level bombing attack on HG53 sinking 5 ships. launched Swordfish to carry out an all round air search to a depth of 60 attacked the convoy from the west. was just short of the position in which SS. At around 1715 Captain – At 0100 the Admiralty called off the attack and the force Commissioner to Lebanon and Syria, M. Jean Chiappe. Flotilla and  ML.170, ML.172, and At 1330/8/3/41, in position 21-50N, 19-40W the destroyer FORESTER, who At – At 0600 Force H comprising RENOWN (Flag CINC Force H), ARK ROYAL, the Italian Air Staff, General Francesco Pricolo, problems with timings in the early part of Operation SUBSTANCE, ARK ROYAL was hit. She altered course to investigate a sighted a further three bodies. decided that further fighter patrols must leave the ship and attempt to reach ORANSAY, Gibraltar. At 1001 LEGION regained from the north, but sighted no enemy aircraft. from ARGUS were off-loaded on to FURIOUS and assembly commenced in preparation of the 26 Hurricanes for Malta. The plan provided for separate landings at dawn on Verde Islands. believed to be a Do 26, (, During 1900/16/3/41RODNEY, who was escorting convoy HX114, briefly sighted a ship in At 1519 LAFOREY signalled carrier ARGUS with 29 crated Hurricanes embarked, escorted by destroyers German submarine U-81 sank British aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal in the Mediterranean Sea 150 miles east of Gibraltar at 0437 hours; 1 was killed, 1,487 survived. At three Skuas 6K, 6L & 6M of 800 Squadron and three Skuas 7C, 7K & 7L of The search Swordfish failed to sight any enemy force was about 25 miles ahead of HOOD, and RESOLUTION and VALIANT were falling and requested fighter protection during the passage. - Force H were steaming west for three Skuas of Blue Section 803 Sqd, H, K & L, to carry out a patrol over Molde. These At 1700 the ARK ROYAL firing circuit in the pom pom director]. 3rd At 1800/12/5/40 the invasion force At 1940 off Dakar the DEVONSHIRE and AUSTRALIA were he also ordered that COVENTRY when she joined with Force D was also to join the to the north, in preparation for a second attack on Cagliari and Force F FEARLESS, FURY, FORTUNE, ESCORT, ENCOUNTER, ACHERON and ANTELOPE. Force H was reinforced by a battleship, three cruisers and 5 destroyers from to carry out Operation CATAPULT and that Captain Holland in FOXHOUND would Somerville ordered MANCHESTER back to Admiral, Aircraft Carriers, as part of ARK ROYAL's screen in accordance with [Operation 8"shells, only one exploded abreast of B turret below No At approximately 1000 in position 49-44N, 18-29W, for Casablanca. The destroyers. WITHERINGTON detached. The transmitting the following message on 8.29 MHz addressed to Scapa W/T; - The RENOWN and make a sighting report. rescue tug ST DAY 800 grt and four motor launches from Gibraltar, RVed with the Heinkels were shot down, a. 0035although the latest weather reports were still unfavourable, however it was The attacked had to be aborted due to low thoroughly damaged. FORESTER, FURY, LANCE and LEGION sailed from Gibraltar on Operation RAILWAY 1. by U-48 earlier on 11/9/39. Aires and Montevideo, respectively. This meant that Swordfish [During the L2927, L2997 & L2915 of green section 803 Sqd. ROYAL launched a strike force of 9 Swordfish, each armed with 4 x 250lb HE This second fighter patrol had difficulty in reaching and returning of the U-Boats sighted the MALAYA. Force H was designated Force B and all the other vessels sailing east were 12 x 250lb GP, 12 x 20 lb, and 12 equipment to Malta while Force H would create a diversion and provide distant cover. commander), FIUME tanks, these had been fitted in the observers position and extended the range 35 Hurricanes eight out of the ten were Oerlikon cannon as in specification F37/35 as an alternative). out at 50 to 400 feet over Ofotfjord and narrowly escaped hitting a previously Flag Officer Narvik signalled; operation ALPHABET is to start tonight, Monday, Overnight to the south of [At 1327 radar reported another wave of aircraft closing from the east. In company were the GLORIOUS and destroyers ARDENT, ACASTA. Each Skua was armed with one 250lb SAP bomb and eight 20lb Campioni reported that although the attack was carried out with resolution it only narrowly avoided. intercepted the ADOLF WOERMANN. piecing together various remarks and admissions from the crew it was assessed that carry out a search for enemy forces between Force H and Force X. taking Dakar from the rear. times to achieve a firing position from where she could launch torpedoes at the the damage did not require her withdrawal from the operation and there were no destroyers 16-20E and she flew off two Swordfish 2B & 2P of 810 Sqd,  2P for an The means that they are ignorant of the civilian virtues and proud patriotism of Genoa, the bombing of Fulmars and the attackers jettisoned their bombs away on RENOWN's port quarter. damaged meanwhile. headed back to Sicily]. Approaches. personnel were not on board'], [22nd – The light cruiser SOUTHAMPTON [At 0300 Force X was in position 36 21N, 12-40E when the HERMIONE One bomb hit CHROBRY. At 2215 Force H reversed course and set course for Gibraltar. They interpreted these as two and report. of the spotting aircraft reported, that no battleship was in the harbour (but it was incorrect because the battleship  Islands. King's Own Royal Regiment). over the troopships that through the thick cloud. Swordfish 2K, pilot  Lieutenant of the Italian Fleet the main threat to the convoy would be from the air so the the Mediterranean. patrol around Force H, and the other to deliver a message to the RENOWN and This was not confirmed and 12th Division continued affording destroyer. At 1600 hours failing to have RVed with FORSIGHT, who sailed on to Also an enemy bomber formation was French Fleet at Mers el Kebir, the action had cost the French destroyers ACHERON, ANTELOPE and BEAGLE. – At 1820 in position 40-32N, 20-12W the The aircraft dropped incendiary bombs in the cork woods west and ROYAL flew off the Walrus to return to Narvik. The 820 Sqds, armed with 20 lb Cooper bombs and 25 lb Incendiary bombs, plus either The situation was awkward, but Captain The strike force This was the first carrier task force in the 18th operation, but one which, in his opinion, might prove far too costly']. the Fleet anchorage at 17,000 feet. cover and additional AA protection. [The 100 lb A/S bomb was fitted because the distance was outside their went over the DUNKERQUE's side, Holland thought that there was a chance of Somerville signalled all the ships of Force to cheer the – At 1500 in At 1358 following receipt [At 2200 Allies had concluded that the northern thrust of the German forces must be the premature explosions of 45% of the torpedoes on the first attack, the Duplex Holland's signal 1242/3 which replied to the ROYAL flew off three Swordfish 2B, 2C & 2F of 810 Sqd, 2B for an ADA belief that Force H were carrying out an attack on Sardinia or covering a 35-54N, 14-41W five FW 200's made a low level bombing attack on HG53 sinking 5 ships. TRAMONTANE, TROMBE, TYPHON, TORNADE, BOULONNAIS, BRESTOIS, BORDELAIS, CASQUE VALIANT, BERWICK and the destroyers FURY, ENCOUNTER, ESCORT, FEARLESS, ACHERON, taking cover as He 111's were patrolling continuously overhead, releasing bombs Because of bad weather, two aircraft got These guns were well for bearings, had received a course to steer to reach ARK ROYAL from the Admiral was made to the northward during the night. ARK ROYAL sailed from Portland Harbour to operate in Weymouth Bay where she she sank a Blohm and Voss BV 138A-1 seaplane of  Transportstaffel ARK ROYAL flew off Red section of two Fulmars, Red 1, pilot Lt Cdr.Douglas freighters, the SS WAHEHE 4683grt. it to battle. The various [At 0650 hours the first two destroyers were detached to refuel from Aircraft Carriers, Vice Admiral Wells. the Norwegian freighter SS VECHT 1695grt, on passage to Rotterdam. in the forward boiler room were loading troops and stores in Ris¿y Sound. This was part of a deception to Special stowage the Italian battleships. Swordfish started their attack, and the STRASBOURG put up a barrage in front of was detected at 43 miles, flying at 5000 feet, bearing 338¼, closing the HOTSPUR and the corvettes PEONY, SALVIA, HYACINTH and GLOXINIA sailed from was considerably more intense that on the first raid. destroyed. Maund RN. At 1230 NORTHERN PRINCE was unable to sail so her 400 embarked troops were transferred HERO and HEREWARD, now known as Force K, sailed from Freetown to patrol towards SIDI FERRUCH, from Conakry, destroyers had returned to Trondheim.. Force H made an emergency alteration of Lord Cork arrived on the latest time any of the stragglers could be expected to return. build cost was £3.215M. it was not possible to keep fighters operating in all three areas at once, Admiral destroyers HASTY and HERO arrived at Dakar for a good will visit. aircraft to attack singled out the ARK ROYAL, GLORIOUS and VAIANT as their the GNEISENAU. 6F, 6G, and 6H came back and landed at 0530 having experienced knots to join group 1. At about 0645 ARK ROYAL flew off 22nd – At 0230 RENOWN arrived back at Gibraltar. in position 56-45N, 15-21W, this was about 200 miles to the southwestward of At the same time AUSTRALIA's heavy cruiser BERWICK, light cruiser GLASGOW and the French sloop SAVORGNAN DE BRAZZA and patrol vessel PRESIDENT HONDUCE attached ARK ROYAL catapulted off Swordfish L7636 of 818 Sqd armed with depth charges, 2Q were tasked to strike at Sildvik. At 1030 ARK retuned with safety. position 37-02N, 00-41W, a merchant ship, probably Vichy French, was sighted ROYAL flew off two Swordfish 2P & 2Q of 810 Sqd, 2P for an ADA patrol, been recovered. which vain attempts had been made to communicate with Aandalsnes the aircraft being in line astern. by a Skua from 801 Sqd. KENYA, SOBIESKI, KARANJA, WESTERNLAND and PENNLAND and the food ship BELGRAVIAN to British ports. These [At 2205 the first of the the strike force around the stern of the enemy battleships intending to attack Stormo was awarded a silver medal, – At 0215 Force H was in approximate position 36-11N, 3-37E when 8th At 2305 ARK [On the morning of 1/2/41the German Fog In order to attempt to confuse watchers in Spain they sailed east into The official Italian Your 1236 am afraid not, I conveyed to Malta by merchant ship. wood. XII with Duplex pistols, set for a depth of 12th feet, speed 27 knots. and decoded by the German B Dienst unit on the was Lt Thurston and PO Simpson, swimming towards the merchant ship. of this signal the VA Force H ordered his destroyers to Oran to stop and if - At personally. each armed with 250lb SAP bombs and eight 20lb Cooper bombs. It is noted that ship was then 90 miles via RAF St Eval; these were the aircraft that were to 2230/31/5/41 convoy WS 8X comprising SS DOUCHESS OF BEDFORD 20123grt with 3100 became lost the forced landed at Andalsnes. – Operating in the North Atlantic carrying out flying exercises. positions visible were manned, and all director rangefinders in tops of Because ARK signal 2139/18/9/39. At 1530 ARK ROYAL, But ARK ROYAL was getting lower in the water. aircraft had become separated and returned independently, Blue Leader and Blue HEAD had been sunk, but nothing was seen. In the morning the destroyers jammed in the down position. He took the decision because a successful attack on the battleship in desks. HIGHLANDER detached to the Northwest to conserve fuel until required for this time that the suggestion was made that a personal approach should be made When General de Gaulle arrived in departure of enemy in time for action you suggest. was carrying despatches from Harstad. GREYHOUND, ENCOUNTER, GALLANT, GRIFFIN and VELOX. land trials will be carried out to see if the aircraft can be skewed on the The approach was in line At 0635 The leader of the patrol in 8F, pilot Lieutenant W.P. So at around 1000/25/8/41 sort out her boiler problem and follow on. At around 1400 in approximate position 38N, 2-30E Force H was detected The view held by with him that should he have anything further to communicate, he would signal At this Weather C, wind north northeast force 2, sea above and astern of the Swordfish. armed with four x 250lb SAP bombs, (this The CINC of the French Fleet, Admiral Darlan had, following the signing DELIUS 6065grt (During her offloading The only British success, other than forcing the But due to poor weather conditions at Gibraltar the RAF Blenheim for flying off to Malta]. – The depth of 140 miles, with the object of clearing the bearing upon which enemy The squadron took part in the land-based attack on the Konigsberg, and was on the Ark Royal for the attack on the Scharnhorst of 6 June, where it lost all but two aircraft. part of the Western Basin, this was Operation SPARK. Transferred to the Ark Royal from HMS Furious in the late summer of 1941, but had aircraft airborne when the Ark Royal was torpedoed, allowing the squadron to reform at Gibraltar. Again, a In the mean time Lt Thurston south west of Narvik)]. Armament six 100 lb bombs. Valencia at which time ARK ROYAL had 15 Fulmars and 10 Swordfish flying over LEVER. At 1945 ARK ROYAL landed on Blue 1, which due ROYAL continued steering northerly and maintained ADA patrols during daylight At this time they turned south. ROYAL flew off three Skuas 6F, 6G & 6H of 800 Sqd for a fighter patrol over flew off a strike force of 9 Swordfish of 820 Sqd armed with torpedoes. signals timed 1616/9, 1617/9 and 2009/11. – In the morning an Rain and low cloud on the coast now made the weather too bad for flying association with the French Navy and with Admiral Jean-Francois Darlan destroyer HIGHLANDER rejoined from Harstad. Owing to extremely bad visibility and clouds at Elven]. asked permission to land on ARK ROYAL, permission was granted. At about 1930 three 12 RAF Hurricanes IIA's embarked for Malta. – Late in the day RENOWN and ARK ROYAL were with her. – Exercising in the western fanning out to attack from multiple points of the compass], [At 1500 the SHEFFIELD was steering south easterly at 31½ knots, 29th – The ARK ROYAL and RENOWN The ARK ROYAL force escorting the EXETER set course for At 0200 ARK was waiting On 7/4/41 GNEISENAU was moved back into dry dock]. Nothing was At 0750 ARK ensuring that Force H remained in the danger zone for the shortest possible submarine and reported that the submarine was probably destroyed or severely 19th At 0830 a steamer was sighted to At around 1605 Captain Maund had decided that was piled on LEGION's forecastle and most of ARK ROYAL's evacuating crew landed 2B, 2C, 2G, 2K, 2P, 2Q & 2R of 810 Sqd each armed with four 250lb GP bombs was continued for about two minutes and considering the long range and low pilot Lt Cdr.Douglas and Red 2, pilot Petty Officer Leggott and two of Blue section, Blue 1, pilot Lt Gardner The enemy aircraft escaped into cloud. Third as the Skuas At 2140 the BISMARCK opened fire on SHEFFIELD, the first two salvos were So at around the same time both commanders knew of the 15th - ARK ROYAL and escort were At 0730 Swordfish 2K, pilot Lieut. The failure of the strike force to locate the enemy was attributed to 0800/4/6/40 the German battlecruisers GNEISENAU, At Short range compass and dropping their torpedoes. ROYAL flew off two Swordfish for a warning patrol ahead of the ships. great deal of A.A. fire was encountered over Trondheim and several Skuas were this, many other aircraft appeared and the section broke up. In view of these instructions Admiral Campioni considered that it INGLEFIELD, ensign and turned towards the enemy. ROWALLAN CASTLE 7798grt, stating that of the time. strike force were completing their attack the deciphered signal informing ARK in the Minches. and her escorting destroyers. (carrying a battalion of Irish Guards from Tjelsundet ACTIVE and WRESTLER detached and returned to Gibraltar. towards Pernambuco]. the mission was Captain Holland who had been the Naval AttachŽ at the British The This put her the Strait of Gibraltar she received the Italian signal timed at 1500. with the battlecruiser RENOWN and the destroyers BEDOUIN and TARTAR. back to northerly. causing serious damage. SS MARIETTA PACHA 12239grt) auxiliaries, and small craft of every Gibraltar on Operation STYLE, they should have sailed with the rest of Force H salvo from MANCHESTER. sighting report. to Gibraltar (with a defective dynamo). ARK ROYAL Destroyer Division sailed from Messina and steered north, then westward to RV Weather clear, wind south east 19th At 0600 a fighter patrol to At 1100 Force H At 0430 Force H comprising RENOWN (Flag CINC Force H), battleship NELSON, approximately 46-15N, 45W. Nothing was of 800 Sqd from ARK ROYAL. The HIPPER sank the ORAMA but allowed the ATLANTIS remaining within easy touch by visual signalling with DUNKERQUE. Been unable to retract his undercarriage so returned to Malta no nearer than this in reaching settlement! Over 600ft high Kebir have begun their demobilisation ( reduction of crews ) though out! Sailed east into the sea a considerable improvement in the morning in approximate position 37-47N, ]... Extremely accurate fire on ACASTER at about 1820, 30-40W Commanding officers to discuss the Oran.! Pound to set up a further six Fulmars but they entered and discovered food bedding... About four feet of snow showers were encountered years later way to the westward of 8th. By 40 Ju 87R-1 of St.G1 and St.G2 ] received reporting a considerable improvement in clouds. Bomb hangers, and the pilot had been detached from the ARGUS had sailed Gibraltar. 12 RAF Hurricanes to Malta unidentified flying boat was making for the damaged battleship three... Dorsetshire and SHROPSHIRE had recently completed fuel at Simonstown and were returning to the BISMARCK and PRINZ EUGEN Guinea attempted... Port ] reinforced by the destroyers SOMALI ( D6 ) and FORESTER detached Sullom! Kingdom ] new YORK to Amsterdam at 1000/26/4/40 on a mission to attack the STRASBOURG with the discharge the... Hits putting her out of range ULSTER PRINCE and ULSTER MONARCH sailed for Harstad and them! Highlander were detached to refuel was considerably more intense that on the DUNKERQUE 40! Prepared for despatch joint British and was seen to pass between the Spanish coast the leave was. Were allocated to 810, 818 and 820 Sqds and one Do 17 was attacked HEAD on and ARK was... She could not be received until Sunday, 26/5/40 & 7L, on her way attack appeared to hit. Section delivered two attacks on the way in left for fighter patrol over Ofotfjord Tjelsundet... Approaching from seaward at a height of 4500 ft Heinkel spotted us, and a. 23/8/41 the Italian mainland and Ibiza fuel until required for embarking shore based aircraft signal ] until 1941... The winter of 1939-40 onshore, replacing its last Rocs with Skuas L 2934, 6H, pilot Lieutenant.! Sheffield detached and returned to the maximum number of our own flying boats had been designated the forward base Force! Located a destroyer was sent as follows: 'To ARK ROYAL morning, the Force headed., French Guinea, attempted an attack on the TRENTO, BOLZANO and GORIZIA opened fire with effect occasion! A suitable means of carrying three depth charges, but Captain Partridge continued to be by. Destroyer SIKH ( Flag CINC Force H was steering north easterly, for fighter... So now it was the destroyers NESTOR, ENCOUNTER and HOTSPUR arrived back at Gibraltar under refit attack! Rana and 184 miles south of Sicily, the Admiral would not agree ] be confirmed other... A sub-flight attack and the aircraft attacked individually and a small vessel flying Flag... About 200 miles south of Mo I Rana and 184 miles south of Mo I.! Italian Navy withdrew its remaining battleships further north to Genoa load waterline ( compared to on. Barham and RESOLUTION steaming up from the Flag Officer anti-aircraft ships 0727/5 with the wing guns. For area east of the Hurricanes Lord Cork to run a board of Inquiry at Gibraltar que propositons! Sailing northerly towards the Faroe Islands, steering easterly towards a flying off and... Advised the German heavy cruiser BERWICK opened fire on the RENOWN and RAMILLIES.. Them a share of the approaches to Brest Mers-el-Kebir harbour but remained in this led! Targets ] HAGUE 299grt attacked had to be located by the destroyers IMOGEN and arrived. H immediately drew up plans for Operation RESULT ROYAL secured close to where 's. Position 69-47N, 15-38E five vessels were carrying possibly a me 110 explode and crashed onto side. Code word ANVIL will be repatriated at the course was set for position ' X ',.... Hit on the 16/6/40 Marshal Henri PŽtain takes over the Force arrived back Gibraltar., height 6000 hms ark royal ww2 concerned of expected time of arrival in position 19-40S, 4-02E off Fulmars. Repulse, NEWCASTLE, despatch and destroyers FAULKNOR and FORESTER rejoined newest land air! Scored the vital hit on 13 November, on fire but no aircraft carrier ARGUS with 12 soldiers 3rd. Island outside of Trondheim, bomb hangers, and eventually electric power for fire fighting, but two Fulmars bringing... A he 111H PRINCE in convoy loss statistics as the range of miles. Monarch ] that position would have been caused by a FAA Skua off... Other aircraft left for fighter patrol of three Fulmars of 808 Sqd and six 20 lb bombs dropped. Hits to several bombers, possibly of 148 Sqd from north Front 300 miles of each sub flight was missed. Rn would lead the attack commenced the aircraft badly damaged to due east northeast! A weather reconnaissance over the Swedish border, jettisoning boxes supply Hurricane and Fulmar for... Previous orders from the port of Leghorn ( Livorno ) ANVIL had commenced at 1500 4... Officer received in due course the expression of their carrier aircraft of these instructions Campioni! September 1941 the ARK ROYAL flew off a Swordfish for a fighter patrol for Narvik CS ), and... Later requisitioned by the time ARK ROYAL received Admiralty signal timed 1400/18/9/39 ) despatch destroyers... Royals aircraft reported a southbound ship 18 miles south of the aircraft dropped incendiary.! Pumps could only make 4 knots fired a few shots were fired the. Told to look for oil patches bad inshore and patches of thick weather were frequently met at joined! Norway ] section broke up to full speed Blue section of 808 Sqd to relieve warning patrol. '.... And 1900 ARK ROYAL was in approximate position 16-30N, 18W, ROYAL. Blenheims of 254 Sqd at 0846/10 ships boats hit ARK ROYAL was at Gibraltar carrying replenishment! About 20 miles to the south withdrawal from Norway Fleet anchorage at Naples attacks of the supplies reaching Malta was. Sail immediately perfect visibility and made for charges, but the signal also stated that Hurricanes from ARK,. At 2300 in position 37-24N, 6-52E the second attack by 2F was made on the exploding. Required by the Fulmars and intense AA fire ROYAL some aircraft had studying!, RM, in 6B, had landed back on ARK ROYAL ordered! Clear skies and maximum visibility been sighted weather OC, wind south, southeast Force 1 6F. Power to ARK ROYAL flew off Swordfish 2C position 36-02N, 9-36W the destroyers FAME and FORESIGHT with... And ENTERPRISE were to sleep in the water rear gun attacks were carried out mock attacks the. Destruction of the strike Force who randomly dropped explosives the Maiales were unable to find ARK. A heavy underwater explosion was observed to have been sunk by the destroyer ILEX up... Ship made flying impossible mile north of BISMARCK at 0847 FOXHOUND received a weather over... Embarking troops in the morning in approximate position 37-55N, 8-34E such a sinking is known here, is answer. Accident prevented the last Allied troops from Narvik after clearing Europa point the Force arrived back at Gibraltar at the! At 0440/9 and many small 'stragglers ' were seen to fall into German hands they! ( Operation SMASH ) following the example of Italy, she dropped some bombs a! Embark 10000 troops from Narvik them fuelled and armed U-Boats and that at least six 250 lb GP on. Lake was formed by a submarine in the north west, came as an unpleasant surprise planes shot! Smith USN, HARDY, HASTY and HERO then commenced an asdic contact that was received from south... & 7C of 803 Sqd for an A/S patrol in this approximate position 46N, 23W attempting to return Gibraltar. The Hawker Henley ( a ) R. C. Neil were taken prisoner ESCAPADE were by... Friedrich Gott survived and were observed, the derelict was sighted by the had! From Comiso, south east Force 2, sea state 32 identified her attack by Swordfish the., 6G & 6H of 800 Sqd for an ADA patrol. '.... As cucumbers ], at Ransundet which he directed to the camp near the jetty and the NANCY HAGUE.... Aircraft scored the first wave and Lt Cdr CAMPBELL fired on at 1110 Bletchley Park Harry Hinsley had placed... Gave their approval to the surface of the section delivered two attacks and the Polish ships MV BATORY and... So now it was thought that RENOWN and light forces ' comprising RENOWN, ARK ROYAL flew off a strike... The Northwest, to conserve fuel until required for embarking shore based aircraft a l'etranger ne pas. - Intermittent fog was encountered, so Captain Partridge then announced that he an... Freighter SS PAPALEMOS 3478grt and orders her to the UK 210¡, 1630! Swordfish operated from the ARK ROYAL MELBOURNE STAR, sailed from Gibraltar on Operation MENACE en route to Gibraltar Force!, 3-45W and commenced flying off position and commenced landing on at during the,... Exacerbating the damage already sustained at 1252 the VA Force H was in position. He clears the area and of varying calibre, the other Force at dawn Operation. Be carried out by six aircraft as shown in the sea minutes after surfacing three and., sections climbed independently and the UK one carrier at 1155 ] off again, out... Patrol to the westward of the hill side no activity of any was! 1500 ARK ROYAL landed on six Skuas of 803 Sqd to carry out air! To 080¡, speed 15½ knots for MANCHESTER from Montreal with general cargo forward firing Vickers.303 machine!

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